Master of Design in Designed Objects

Zach Pino’s designs transform the effects of the physical world around us into objects which delight,
and encourage contemplation. With concepts informed by his studies in linguistics and computer
science at the University 
of Chicago, his enigmatic objects prompt users to interface with the unconsidered.

Looking Close / Sublunary

Every object is an ever-changing compromise among the innumerable conditions that define our physical
world. Temperature, 
humidity, wind speed, gravity, friction — all of these natural forces impact how matter
is formed, and how objects present 
themselves to us. Objects have the capacity to share their knowledge
of these conditions, to speak to how the physical 
world forms and affects them. This intelligence that objects
embody is derived from reflexes sensitive to changing conditions 
of the Earth. It is timeless,
ambient, and unbiased intelligence.

Interfacing with objects allows us to access a non-human knowledge of our world, shifting our perspective
and enabling us 
to dialogue intimately with the world around us. Sublunary is a collection of three
intelligent objects that provide a platform 
for the phenomena of our planet to tell their story.

Each Sublunary object is sensitive to a different type of perturbation in the Earth’s magnetic field,
our shield against 
the incoming energy from the sun. Based on live data derived from material properties,
these objects give voice to the constant 
seismic activity under our feet, the pressure and electricity
mingling in our skies, and the colorful solar irradiation that accumulates 
at our border with the cosmos.
Just like the natural phenomena with which Sublunary interfaces, there is no on/off switch.

By interacting with this object, the viewer surrenders control. We can only wait, anticipate,
question, and contemplate 
the physical forces permeating our planet.

Sublunary is part of the Looking Good collection.