Master of Design in Designed Objects

Tyler Willis is a designer of objects and spaces. Educated as an architect at the University of Michigan,
his work 
investigates the ways in which design participates in the psychology of perception. He is interested
in design that reveals 
itself slowly and makes the familiar delightfully unknown.

Looking At / Viewing Engine

Our reality is what we are conscious of at the moment. It is constructed by the senses and interpreted
by the mind. 
Once we understand the methods of fabrication, reality becomes malleable and negotiable.
This project investigates a means 
to reframe the ordinary. Urban spaces can become rigid and oppressive
if we allow ourselves to be restricted by their rules 
and our own routines. By changing our point of view,
we may defy the limits of expectation and have a truly new experience. 
Our surroundings influence
our behavior in extraordinarily significant ways.  Regular environmental cues subtly 
perpetuate habitual
thoughts and actions. Only through disruption can we gain a new perspective. Viewing Engine 
our perception of the urban space. Gathering and compiling image fragments, the piece allows us
to take notice and discover the unexpected.

Viewing Engine is part of the Looking Good collection.