Master of Design in Designed Objects

Tim Fates focuses on participation and engagement as the tools for creating narrative and thus meaning
in an increasingly commoditized world. Tim earned his Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University
of California at Berkeley and has professional experience in finance and retail.

Looking Between / Base Camp

The cork from the bottle of wine a friend brought to dinner. Tickets from the family outing to the museum.
That pencil that’s been sharpened one time too many. These objects connect us to the relationships and activities
that bring joy and fulfillment to our lives, yet they often pass through our lives as quickly as the moments
they are linked to. Base Camp provides an unexpected opportunity to collect and engage with these objects. In doing so,
we may savor them just a bit longer, share them, and learn from them.

While there are existing systems for storage and display in the home, these systems are often flat, on the periphery,
or limit access to the items they hold. Once objects go into these existing systems, they are often absent from
our consciousness and seldom engaged. In providing the opportunity to frequently look at, touch, and share these
items, Base Camp keeps us dynamically engaged with them for a longer period of time.

We also have numerous digital systems that capture and store personal data at the push of a button. The paradox
of these systems is that they make it so easy to generate massive quantities of data that we can no longer reasonably
expect to be able to access and appreciate all of the data we are creating. When we do access that data, it is flattened
on a two-dimensional screen, and limited to the realm of the visual.

Base Camp encourages frequent interaction and curation; in doing so it provides a scaffold for the ever-changing texture
of our acquisitions. It suggests that paper, which is often ephemeral, is not two-dimensional and can have a shape
as well as a message. Base Camp rewards our participation in present time with a narrative that is compelling not only
because it is richly complex, but also because it is our own.

Base Camp is part of the Looking Good collection.