Department of Architecture, Interior Architecture and Designed Objects


Thing Lab provides a critical, hands-on exploration of the intersection between design and art in a truly interdisciplinary
learning environment. Students from design, art, and writing backgrounds will create works that address the convergence
of design and art. The studio culminated in a group exhibition at Andrea Zittel’s A-Z West, in Joshua Tree, California.
Thing Lab is a semester long course co-taught by Tim Parsons and Dan Price, with Sick Distinguished Professor Andrea Zittel.

Participating Students:

Vincent Martin (BFA)
Eugene Maltez (BFA)
Juan Aguilar (BFA)
Jack Schneider (BFA)
Selva Aparico (BFA)
Meredith Donnelly (MFA)
Tanner Bowman (BFA)
Christopher Buchakjian (MDDO)
Eli Bensusan (MDDO)