Master of Design in Fashion, Body and Garment

In 2011, Man Yuan received her Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design from the prestigious Hubei Institute of Fine Arts in China.
Upon graduating, Yuan relocated all the way across the world to Chicago, Illinois to realize her dream alone. Her work
is about the bond of self and world, and personal critique.

Capsule Life

I like walking alone
I don’t like lost
I like rain and cold
I don’t like speaking
I don’t like under stress
I like theory
I like hoodie
I like drmartens
I hate writing
I hate wasting time
I hate English
I like drawing
I hate teamwork
I don’t like the sound of wind
I like sunshine
I don’t like waiting bus
I hate people doing better than me
I hate jealousy
I hate morning
I like Egypt
I hate beach
I like drunk
I hate alcoholic
I hate eat meat
I like brush hair
I don’t like shower
I like people keep silence
I like awkward
I like doing nothing
I hate white lie
I hate be disturbed
I don’t like to answer the phone
I like typing
I like moleskine
I don’t like Monster
I like at home alone
I like color
I don’t like black
I hate act being nice
I don’t like following
I don’t like dress
I don’t like any ceremony
I hate birthday
I miss my mom