Master of Design in Fashion, Body and Garment

Lindsey M. Whittle earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Art Academy of Cincinnati in 2007.  She has taught English
in Gifu, Japan and Art to youth in Kentucky. At The University of Cincinnati, Whittle studied Fashion. Currently,
she is a “Master Crafter” for Kiki Magazine. Whittle is a performance/fashion/visual artist that uses silliness, change,
transformation, and interactivity to collaborate with others and spread good cheer. Her work is often connected
to things wearable and the body and functions best in public places.

in collaboration with Velcro Brand 

The most essential component of my work is people.  My work strives to connect me with others and connect
other people
to each other.  Bright and eccentrically colored objects that have infinite possibility of change make up #connect.
#connect features
materials that physically come together, but can also be a collaborative, community experience,
bringing people together.
This work is a starting off point that isn’t finished until other people activate it in some capacity.

“We will never know all the good that a simple smile can do”- Mother Teresa

Velcro Installation 
Composition was produced from live performance by: Jake Vogds, Bow-ty, and Sky Cubacub

Art Direction: Jake Vogds, Karin Karuda
Videography, Video editing, and audio composition: Charles Rice
Velcro Objects: Lindsey M Whittle
Talent: Hao Liu, Man Yuan, Carley Callis, Keijaun Thomas, Myra Rodriguez

Floor Print
Photographer: Jim Prinz