Master of Architecture+Master of Architecture

Joshua Cade McVey is interested in creative problem solving, he has a Bachelor’s of Business Management
and a Master’s of Architecture.

Steve Kwak earned his Bachelor of Arts from McGill University with a double major in Economics and Political Science.
Kwak is interested in exploring social experimentalism in architecture through public design and urbanism.

Be Conscious of the Ebb and Flow Because the Cosmos Changes at the Beat of the Butterfly’s Wings

Currently, the design method for large scale building projects is to predict the future and hope actuality aligns
itself with the vision.  Generally speaking, it doesn’t completely align and our communities are left with the concrete
skeletons of alternate futures, some vacant some not, none representing the true nature of this instant of existence.

What if a building could react to its environment like a mold and use innovative structural mechanics to change
throughout its lifecycle as a caterpillar transforms to a butterfly? This evolving living building is for a community
that accepts inevitable change and says, “Nothing stays the same and I will experience it all.” In an evolving
urban ecosystem, static buildings are incompatible with change and embody the archaic mindset that we humans,
can stay still in the ever-flowing currents of space-time. We propose a building composed of basic building
blocks: one for living in and one for circulating through.  These blocks can multiply or diminish with the changing
needs of their context, thus consistently representing the needs of any given moment in space/time.