Master of Design in Designed Objects

Ceyda Akosman was born and raised in Istanbul. With a background in Interior Architecture, Product
and Furniture Design, Akosman’s studio-based process embraces experimentation with different materials
including wood, glass, stone and metals.

Looking In / Unearthing Emotions

It all starts with one little question. What if materials were alive and had emotions? Unearthing Emotions
is an experimentalproject that introduces a new vocabulary for human emotions through combining materials
in their molten states. By anthropomorphizing earthly materials such as iron, glass, aluminum,
wood and stone, we are able to look at our emotions. Most importantly we are able to look at ourselves.

Living in an industrial world, we are used to seeing materials in certain forms, and use them for certain purposes.
But have we ever wondered, what if materials could have lives? What if these materials that earth offers us
had the ability to feel anger, hatred or love and euphoria? How would they show it? And instead of serving
our physical needs, can they serve our emotions?

Unearthing Emotions is an experimental project that believes in the power of earthly materials to portray
profound human emotions. When materials are combined in existence of extreme heat, in their molten states,
they have the ability to perform a passionate experience and poetically affect each other.  Each combination
creates a new story and a new emotional phenomena.

This installation proposes a narrative where each chain link represents a passionate moment in our lives
that becomes a turning point or leaves an emotional mark. Seeing our stories and our experiences
through material relationships gives us the opportunity to take a look inside and re-live our emotions.

Unearthing Emotions proposes a new way of looking at materials. Putting them together in unconventional
ways creates a new vocabulary for human emotions.

Unearthing Emotions is part of the Looking Good collection.