Master of Fine Arts in Designed Objects

Carlos Ortega is a designer and cofounder of Iguana 4 Studio, a sustainable firm based in Mexico City, He believes
and everything is interconnected: people, behaviors, products, services, environments, systems, etc.;
and design is the tool
that harmonizes those connections.

Looking through / Creative Authentication

Creative people frequently have ideas with potential, however, they often face challenges once
the creative process actually begins.

In today’s world, a simple Internet search will demonstrate a hierarchy of responses. Based on a series
of algorithms, 
the search will dictate any value of ideas. It seems like artists, designers, creators, makers
and anyone with a sense of curiosity,
will utilize the search engine for information, becoming nowadays,
the validation of the idea’s originality.

However, the most valuable part of the creative process is what happens after the initial research, it’s what
the creator
makes with the now gained knowledge. My thesis objective is provoking a conversation, strategizing
a plan and proposing the next stage of the creative process.

Internet search engines dictate the value of ideas, based on the number of results with similar features or aesthetic
appearances. Pushing artists, designers, creators, makers and anyone with an interest in developing ideas,
to constantly
look up for information or new ways of producing ideas.

The Internet search engine is the root of the constant materialization and de-materialization of ideas. We must
learn to
redefine ourselves without so much reliance on the digital realm. Creativity is not about how much
data or time are obtained
from online resources; it is about the advancement of the creator and the transformation
of the idea through a process.

Through art, design and system thinking, Creative Authentication states: Creativity is the representation
of a process
of reflection of the creator in the larger system currently in place.

Creative Authentication is part of the Looking Good Collection.